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1Kazakhstan transit in the "One Belt - One Road" strategy system10.32523/2616-6887/2021-134-1-7-15
  • Yerniyazov D. K.
  • Eskaliev S. A.
  • Ilyassova A.
VOLUME 134, 2021 NUMBER 1
2Some aspects of cultural diplomacy in the framework of bilateral cooperation between France and Kazakhstan10.32523/2616-6887/2021-134-1-16-22
  • Kussainova A.
  • Kalibekova L. S.
VOLUME 134, 2021 NUMBER 1
3The role of information and communication technologies in the diplomacy of modern Kazakhstan and China10.32523/2616-6887/2021-134-1-23-30
  • Mubasheva K. B.
  • Yesserkepova Z. O.
VOLUME 134, 2021 NUMBER 1
4Parties of Republic of Kazakhstan in political spectrum10.32523/2616-6887/2021-134-1-31-42
  • Omarov M.
VOLUME 134, 2021 NUMBER 1
5Historical preconditions for the construction of the new Suez Canal and its political and economic significance10.32523/2616-6887/2021-134-1-43-53
  • Turekulova Z.
  • Esirkepova G. Z.
VOLUME 134, 2021 NUMBER 1
6Economic relations of the EU with the countries of Central Asia10.32523/2616-6887/2021-134-1-54-66
  • Chizhmodii Y.
  • Tokar P. V.
VOLUME 134, 2021 NUMBER 1
7Key trends during the implementation of the "One belt and one road" initiative10.32523/2616-6887/2021-134-1-67-74
  • Ospanova A. N.
  • Sergazin E. F.
  • Shaikova A. E.
VOLUME 134, 2021 NUMBER 1
8Intercultural and interethnic dialogue as a condition and guarantee of stable development10.32523/2616-6887/2021-134-1-75-88
  • Korganova S.
  • Shermuhamedova N. A.
VOLUME 134, 2021 NUMBER 1
9COVID-19 in South Korea: Aspects of the Religious and Political Situation During the Pandemic10.32523/2616-6887/2021-134-1-89-99
  • Aidarova A. A.
  • Ilyassova K. M.
VOLUME 134, 2021 NUMBER 1
10Identification of Palestinian national identity (based on selected literary works)10.32523/2616-6887/2021-134-1-100-108
  • Koptileuova D. T.
  • Zhumadilova A. E.
VOLUME 134, 2021 NUMBER 1
11Dictionaries oflinguistics in the Kazakh andTurkish languages from the XX century to the present: comparative analysis10.32523/2616-6887/2021-134-1-109-121
  • Askhatkyzy B. -.
  • Kydyrbaeva U. T.
VOLUME 134, 2021 NUMBER 1
12History of the development ofdictionaries and dictionaries of the Turkic language10.32523/2616-6887/2021-134-1-122-129
  • Montanayeva E.
VOLUME 134, 2021 NUMBER 1
13Historical Development of the /j-/ Sound at the beginning of the words in Kazakh Language10.32523/2616-6887/2021-134-1-130-143
  • Adilov M. E.
  • Petek E.
VOLUME 134, 2021 NUMBER 1
14National and cultural knowledge of plant lexemes in Kazakh and Turkish languages10.32523/2616-6887/2021-134-1-144-153
  • Begimova G. A.
  • Kenzhalin K.
  • Seіdagaliyeva G. S.
VOLUME 134, 2021 NUMBER 1