Trends and challenges of energy diplomacy: a case study on Kazakhstan


  • К.В.С. Хор
  • Ф.Т. Кукеева
  • М.А. Ауган
  • Ф.А. Кыдырбек


The geopolitical ramifications due to the rise of renewable energy have opened a new front
in international energy relations. This article aims to use a case study on Kazakhstan to explore
the trends and challenges of energy diplomacy amid the energy transition. The latest development
indicates that, whereas Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries have begun adopting a
coordinated regional approach for a resilient, cooperative, impactful,, and environmental-friendly
energy future, the great powers and individual “second tier” countries in neighboring regions
are crucial partners in terms of infrastructure investment, production of critical raw materials
and rare earth elements, and technology transfer and knowledge-sharing. A model of “hybrid
diplomacy” that accommodates both petroleum and renewable energy is anticipated to carve a
niche in international energy relations.

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Хор K., Кукеева F., Ауган M., & Кыдырбек F. (2023). Trends and challenges of energy diplomacy: a case study on Kazakhstan. Вестник Евразийского национального университета имени Л.Н. Гумилева. Серия: Политические науки. Регионоведение Востоковедение. Тюркология, 142(1), 104–119. извлечено от