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1Factors of integration in the Eurasian space10.32523/26-16-6887/2020-131-2-12-20
  • Dyussembekova M.
  • Abildin S. M.
VOLUME 131, 2020 NUMBER 2
2Nuclear Security in Central Asia and the Policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan on “the Denuclearization” of the Korean Peninsula10.32523/26-16-6887/2020-131-2-21-37
  • Alkeev A. K.
  • Zholdasbekova A. N.
VOLUME 131, 2020 NUMBER 2
3Socio-political factors of socialization of youth of Kazakhstan10.32523/26-16-6887/2020-131-2-38-44
  • Aryn Y. M.
  • Aryn R. S.
VOLUME 131, 2020 NUMBER 2
4Countering religious extremism in UK10.32523/26-16-6887/2020-131-2-45-56
  • Aitzhanova D. A.
VOLUME 131, 2020 NUMBER 2
5Interstate relations beteen the Russian Empire and hina in the second half of the 19th century10.32523/26-16-6887/2020-131-2-56-62
  • Abdrazak A. A.
  • Kairken T. Z.
VOLUME 131, 2020 NUMBER 2
6On the issue of digital diplomacy in the context of public diplomacy in modern international relations 10.32523/26-16-6887/2020-131-2-63-72
  • Baissultanova K. C.
  • Baktybekova B. B.
VOLUME 131, 2020 NUMBER 2
7Formation of entrepreneurial culture in the conditions of a new stage in the development of society in Uzbekistan10.32523/26-16-6887/2020-131-2-73-80
  • Ganiev B. S.
VOLUME 131, 2020 NUMBER 2
8Technologies for strengthening the image of a political leader in the modern information space: political psychology10.32523/26-16-6887/2020-131-2-81-88
  • Gabdulina B. A.
  • Uali B.
VOLUME 131, 2020 NUMBER 2
9The role of the German diaspora in strengthening Kazakh-German relations10.32523/26-16-6887/2020-131-2-89-100
  • Kasenova B. B.
VOLUME 131, 2020 NUMBER 2
10Development of Semantical thoughts in 6-36 Month Children10.32523/26-16-6887/2020-131-2-101-108
  • Onjul V.
VOLUME 131, 2020 NUMBER 2